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New Menu system!

Another one of the popular feature requests to come out of our customer survey was that you guys wanted more power over the menu that appeared on your blog.

Our system before, while it worked, wasn’t very flexible. We’ve decided to implement a feature that allows you to change the label of your core menu items (Home, Archive.. etc) as well as the position or even their visibility.

Here’s a shot of the new form:

Upload from November 10, 2011

As you can see there are three core links assigned to every blog: Home, Tags, and Archive. These menu items are special and cannot be removed, but you can decide to hide them on your blog by unchecking the ‘Show?’ checkbox on the left. This is simply another step in a long list of improvements that we plan to implement in order to make your guys’ lives easier when it comes to managing your blog.

One thing to note is that by the addition of these items as orderable menu items, you may need to check your settings and ensure the order of the menu items is to your personal preference.

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i need help and cannot find a place for help on here. When i go into design and customize im trying to make my font larger for my blog and nothing is happening. The name for who wrote the blog gets larger but not the font in the actual blog story.
Hi Kay, I'll send you an email and we can figure it out!

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