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Tag-Specific blog feeds

This morning we recieved an email from a member of the community asking whether we supported RSS feeds for individual tags. At the time, that was not a feature of FotoJournal but the team of us had a chat and decided that is was a great idea. 

A few hours later, voila! You can now utilize tag-specific blog feeds. Here’s how it works:

In addition to your normal blog feed at:


You can now subscribe to a feed for a tag at:

http://<subdomain><tag name>/

Note: If using a custom domain your feed URLs would look like the following:<tag name>/  

These feeds act exactly the same as the normal blog feed, only difference is they filter results by the specified tag in the same way someone would view a tag on your blog.

Here’s an example that gives you a feed from our blog of posts tagged with “feature:” 

Do you have any great ideas for new features, or ways to improve some of FotoJournal’s current features?

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