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Post launch update

It’s been nearly three months since FotoJournal officially launched, and equally long since our last blog post.  So it’s probably time for us to give you an update of where things are currently at.

Here are some quick stats:

  • We have almost 800 bloggers
  • Nearly 15,000 photos have been uploaded
  • There have been about 3,000 posts published
  • Almost 3,000 comments have been left

Again, we’ve been overwhelmed by the positive feedback we’ve received from new users.  It’s been very cool watching people sign up for free blogs, and then soon upgrade to a Hobbyist or Pro account — it means people are trying it and then finding it useful enough that they feel it’s worth spending their hard-earned money for added features.  That’s a really good feeling, because it tells us that obviously we are building something people need.

Since launch we have focused 100% of our effort on customer service: mostly answering emails, improving documentation, and fixing minor bugs.  We didn’t spend any time building new features.

After working on FotoJournal so intensely for the last year, we decided it would be beneficial for us to take a step back for a short time.  Anyone who creates can probably relate to this feeling: sometimes you end up staring at your photo/drawing/painting for so long that you loose sight of it.  Taking a short break is like pressing your mind’s reset button, and when you return you come back with fresh eyes and a new perspective.

The last few months have been incredibly rewarding and encouraging.  We have a stronger-than-ever vision of FotoJournal’s future and how to get there.

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Glad you love the blog Heather! You can already add galleries (slideshows) into your blog posts. Check out our tutorial for detailed instructions:
We love using Foto Journal. We recently upgraded to the Pro account and we love it. Can't wait to see what the next year has in store for FJ.

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