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In progress: Import from WordPress

One of the most common emails we get from photographers is: “FotoJournal looks great and I’d love to switch — but can I import posts from my WordPress blog?”

Right now, the answer is unfortunately no.  But we’re working on it.  WordPress makes it super-easy to export your posts, pages, comments and more into a single XML file.  Our plan is to allow you to upload this XML file and load all that content into your FotoJournal blog.

We need your help!

We’ve got most of the importing functionality built.  Now we need to really test it.  Sometimes WordPress export files can be a bit … weird … and we want our import feature to handle all these weird situations correctly.  It would be a huge help if WordPress users could send us your XML export file for us to test.  The more files we can test, the more confident we can be in releasing this awesome feature.

How to export your WordPress blog

It’s very simple (see screenshot below).  In the WordPress sidebar menu, click Tools > Export, and then click Download Export File.  After downloading the export (usually named something like wordpress-07-12-2010.xml) email the XML file to


(Click for full size)

Please note that we will be running the exports on our testing servers, not on your actual blog.  So help spread the word to anyone with a WordPress blog — we’re extremely excited about this upcoming feature, and we hope you are too!

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Aww, no blogger import feature? Hope there's a possibility for that in the near future! Great news for ex-WP bloggers, though. :)
Actually Mindy, you exposed out our master plan ;) We plan to add support for importing from Blogger, Tumblr, and possibly others too. Once we finish the WordPress import (by far the most requested platform) it should be pretty quick to add other platforms.
So that brings another question to mind....if we were to sign up with Myfotojournal right now (despite no current Blogger import feature), would we be able to import the blogger content to our myfotojournal site at a later date (once it's developed)? Or should one just wait until the import feature is developed to sign up? I hope this make does in my mind ;)

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