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Slideshow Improvements

You may not realize it, but FotoJournal allows you to display your photos in a slideshow within your blog posts.  You can do this with the + Attach Photos button when creating a post.  For more detailed instructions, have a look at our tutorial.

Today we pushed an update to the styling of the slideshows.  This update includes a more elegant interface and fixes some issues with photo alignment and sizing.  Extra special care was taken to ensure slideshows are as large as possible while accommodating both landscape and portrait photos, and making sure images are never cropped.  If a photo doesn’t fit perfectly, we simply scale it down to make it fit.  You might see some black borders around the photo in this case, but in our opinion this is a better option than cropping your photos to fit the slideshow.

This update affect the Single Column theme and Two Column theme.  If you’re using that theme, all your slideshows will use this sexy new style.  (The Grid Iron theme has a different style slideshow style, so it remains the same as it was).

Check out some of the demos and let us know what you think!

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Nice, thanks for the update.
The new photo slideshow is simply awesome...

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