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New Two-Column Layout

We recently pushed a big “under the hood” update to our Theme engine, which we’re very excited about.  It’s going to make a lot of cool new things possible.  One thing it allows us to do is create totally different layouts.  Until now, we had only one layout available: the single column theme.  Even though it’s a good theme for many photographers, it’s not perfect for everyone.  The update allows us to create all sorts of different layouts really quickly, which can then be customized further using our Theme Editor.

The first new layout is a simple two-column layout.  Here are a couple of the two-column designs we’ve made so far, but this new update allows us to create more extremely fast, so keep an eye out for new ones.  Give them a try!

Another thing different about this two-column Theme is that the Menu doesn’t contain Tags / Archives links.  Instead, those are shown in the sidebar and the Menu just shows posts you’re using as pages.

As always, let us know if you have any comments or suggestions regarding designs you’d like to see.  And stay tuned for more cool Theme stuff coming soon!

Please view our wiki for instructions on creating a new theme.

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