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Launch Party Edmonton

Our Beta program is coming to a close, which means we are very close to fully launching fotojournal.  And good timing too: Startup Edmonton, a local non-profit organization, is hosting an event called Launch Party, and fotojournal is one of the featured companies!


Here’s a bit more about Launch Party from the Startup Edmonton website:

Founded by local entrepreneurs, Launch Party Edmonton isn’t your typical networking or tech event. No formal presentations, no panels. It’s all about giving you the opportunity to meet our city’s brightest entrepreneurs and developers, demo their products, and celebrate everything that our startup community has to offer. And do it in a way that’s creative and interesting, celebrating with drinks, demos, and DJs to set the mood.

Launch Party is on March 3, 2010 at the Matrix Hotel.  Tickets are $10 and doors open at 6:30 pm, but media and investors get a sneak peak starting at 5:30.  You can read more about Launch Party and buy tickets here.

We’re very excited to be featured alongside some amazing Edmonton companies at such a cool venue.  And we would love to meet some of you fotojournal bloggers who call Edmonton your home.  Hope to see you there!

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Congratulations! When's the IPO?
Kyle Fox
Kyle Fox
Hehe, we haven't even talked about that. Our only focus right now is to build the most kick-ass blogging platform possible.
You guys did a bangup job at the Launch Party! Definitely among the most interesting projects there - your booth was a buzz the whole night. Keep up the goodwork!

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