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New Feature: Disable right click

Many of our users have asked and it is finally here: you can now disable right clicking on your blog.

Along with a bunch of minor fixes/updates, we pushed an update this afternoon that adds a new Setting ( found under Settings->Site Info ) allowing you to disable the right-click menu on your blog. Many of our users asked for this feature as a simple deterrent to stop users attempting to download their large sized images off their blog.

Please note that this is not a fool-proof way of stopping people from downloading your photos. We recommend watermarking any photo you put on FotoJournal, so even if someone obtains a copy of your photo they know where it came from.

Let us know what you think!

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1 comment

Marco Palladino
There's no way you can stop people from downloading your photos, mean expecially those who can really damage you by publishing your photos, i.e. newspapers, magazines, ecc. Mybe disabing right click can stop the common users...I've seen entire galleries of mine, build up in Flash, being ripped out by editors! BIG watermark is the only solution...if you can make it enough transaparent not to disturb too much

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