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Recent fotojournal updates

We’ve been keeping a low profile the last week or so.  During that time we’ve quietly released a few minor updates to fotojournal which you may have already noticed, but in case you missed them here’s a short list:

Timezone Support

You can now specify your timezone so that fotojournal can more accurately display things like a post’s publish date. Previously, all times were in Mountain Standard Time, which would result in odd behaviour for people in other timezones.

To change your timezone, go Settings » Timezone and select your timezone from the list (see screenshot). If your timezone isn’t listed, please let us know.


Blog Post Editor

We’ve done a big re-styling of our editor with the hopes of making it simpler and easier to use. And also a bit prettier.

The very first button in the toolbar is now the Image Properties popup.  You can click on any image you’ve inserted and open the Image Properties popup to edit the URL, title and dimensions.  Note that if you edit the dimensions, the original aspect-ratio is maintained, which prevents your image from stretching.

image properties.png

We’ve also drastically simplified the Link Properties popup: 


And added some helpful formatting to the HTML Editor:

html editor.png

You’ll also notice these popups no longer open a new browser window — they simply overlay the Editor.  Tip: the popups can be moved around and resized.

More Descriptive Buttons

Previously, the Post Editor had a single button, Save,  which some users found confusing.  It wasn’t clear that when you pressed the button your Post would be immediately published, unless you had selected Draft in the Advanced tab.  We’ve hopefully fixed this confusion by making the purpose of the buttons a lot more clear.

When you’re editing an unpublished post (new or draft), you’ll see these buttons:


Once you hit “Publish”, the post appears on your site (unless you’ve selected a publish date in the future in the Advanced tab).  When editing a published post you’ll see these buttons instead:


Tip: After you’ve published a post, you can change it back to a Draft at any time by clicking into the “Advanced” tab.

Anything else?

In addition to the updates mentioned, we’ve made numerous performance improvements to fotojournal. We think things were already snappy, and our recent performance updates will make things even snappier, even as we add more users to fotojournal. We know that a fast-loading site is paramount for photographers, so we’re taking advantage of our Beta status to ensure our systems remain smokin’ fast.

What’s Next?

We’ve spent the last few weeks making small (but necessary) improvements to fotojournal’s existing features. Now we’ve got our sights set on some awesome new features, which we hope to announce soon.

One thing we will hint at is Themes. We’ve got some major changes coming that will open the door for all kinds of killer designs. Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post for more details on that!

The details are what matters

We’re of the opinion that attention to small details is what makes designs great. Even though we haven’t announced any major new features since the Beta launch, we hope you find our incremental improvements worthwhile. As always, please share your thoughts!

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Awesome! I'm loving all the little tweaks!!
Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith
Wow, great work on these improvements guys, especially loving the time zone support since I moved east!

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